Midnight Preview of Pirates of the Caribbean–On Stranger Tides falls flat

It’s the first day of summer vacation for my three kids today.  Last night, we went to the midnight preview of Pirates of the Caribbean–On Stranger Tides.  I wish I would have taken a nap before I went, because I fell asleep a few times, only to jolt awake and look to see if anyone caught me snoring away.

I didn’t like this fourth episode of the franchise.   Quite frankly, after watching this one, I can’t imagine Disney putting forth the money for yet another one.  There was an energy present in the original two that left along with the appearances of Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly.  I guess, as a 40-ish mom, I love a good love story, and the relationship between Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow   Cruz’s,  Angelica seemed forced, like they were supposed to like each other.  The other relationship, between the mermaid, Syrena, played by Astrid Berges-Frisby, and the missionary, Phillip Swift, played by Sam Claflin, was far more intriguing.

All in all, I wish Sparrow grew a little, instead of the same old confused and drunken silliness.  It’s fun, but too much is too much.   I’d like a little pepper with my salt, you know?

Also, instead of high seas adventure, this was traipsing through the jungle adventure, and it was just a little flat.


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