What I Wish I Had Done Differently in School

10th Grade is no time to make math class optional.


Today, I am a "non-traditional student", which means simply I decided to finally pursue a degree long after most do. I've put a lot of thought into what I would change about my education over the years. If I could go back to the place where I first started to get off track, it would be 1984, I would be entering 10th grade, and at the beginning of a relationship that would later become a marriage, and much later a divorce, but in 1984, became an incredible distraction that led to low motivation for doing homework, which led to doing poorly in math, which led to some poor decisions that others warned me about, but that my 10th grade wisdom assured me would be no big deal.

Boy is that a mouthful. I did poorly in math in high school, and didn't want to do what needed to be done to do better, and that led to deciding I didn't really have to go to college.

I regretted the decision later when I entered the work world. I found out then I really needed to have a college education in order to do the work I wanted to do, but math continued to be a hurdle, and it took twenty years to finally resolve to do what it took to get over the hurdle.

When I divorced, I also went to school. It took a couple of years of math classes to finally complete the math requirement to get my degree. I'm still working towards that goal, but it won't be long now. I can only wonder what my life would have been like if I'd paid more attention in math class almost thirty years ago.

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