The Humane-ity of it all


This dog is currently at the Great Bend, Kans. Humane Shelter. He looks just like my own dog. For more information about him, take a look at the FB page.

The last time I truly felt helpless was during a recent visit to the Great Bend Humane Society animal shelter, where I came face to face with the dogs and cats that have been brought there  to wait for fate to happen for them. 

Some of the animals are there because they were found running “at large”, while others have been abandoned by owners that can’t care for them anymore.  By that, I mean either they’ve become too old or sick, and no family members are willing to take them in, or the owners lives have changed in some other way, and they are no longer able to keep them.  Some have been abandoned simply because they didn’t “fit”.  Others, because their parents weren’t neutered or spayed. 

It is a tough thing to look through the gate at a loving animal, and know that you are not the one who can take them home and give them the love they need.  I already have all the pets my family can handle, and I only make so much money.  Yet, there is that tug on my heart that asks, “why?  surely you can take in one more?” 

I wish I could help more.  All I can do is photograph them and write a story about the experience, and hope others are touched in some way.  All I can do is love my own pets up and make sure they are cared for to the best of my ability.  And then, I have to turn my back, and walk out the door, listening to the lives behind me as they bark or merely turn in circles, attempting to find that spot where they can be comfortable on the cold floor until someone comes to either give them a forever home, or give them the injection that will take them home to God forever. 


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