Tooting our own horns (and flutes and clarinets too)


You know it’s officially summer in Great Bend, Kans., when the Great Bend City Band plays at the band shell in the courthouse square on Thursday nights.

This year, my daughters are playing with the band, helping to fill out the flute section.  It’s nice being close enough to walk to the square and back.   Last night, I brought faithful Boy-Boy and he sat quietly and listened to the entire performance without making a peep.  I was surprised because he howls whenever the girls practice at home.

Even though the band only practices together for less than two hours a week, the performance is always enjoyable.  It’s wonderful to watch a group of people who love making music working together like they do.

On the nights that I don’t feel like walking down to watch, I can hear the band faintly from my yard.  It makes me pause, and appreciate where we are.  I mean, we live in a small town in the middle of  Kansas.  Yet, because of our location, we are within walking distance or biking distance of so many wonderful experiences, we could be living in a metropolitan area.


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