Disney is Ruining My Kid.

When I first saw this post, my first thought was, “Here’s another evangelistic take on Disney movies,” and I almost passed it by. I’m glad I didn’t. For many years, we didn’t have cable television, and we watched a lot of Disney movie videos, and we loved them. So when we got cable, I thought the Disney channel would be alright for the kids to watch without being supervised too. While I didn’t receive reports that my kids were acting out with friends and school, I did notice changes in behavior, and we talked about several shows the kids watched, and blocked the Disney channel, making it more difficult for them to see these shows on the big screen in our house. (They can find episodes elsewhere on the internet, but its not as fun to wait for things to stream, and watch them on a small screen, so they don’t watch show after show any longer.)
Disney obviously captures the attention of millions of viewers with their trashy, ill-conceived shows. And they suck parents in when their kids are little, building trust.



Disney has been ruining my kid…. a job I can do quite well on my own, thank you.

 I know, it sounds drastic.  Don’t worry, I am not going to launch into a ridiculous diatribe about how Frozen has a hidden gay agenda (huge eye roll) or is turning my girls in to glittery, sparkly princesses who need a prince to save them, (we are over that stage, thank god) or that Miley Cyrus grew up and dared to climb out of her Hannah Montana box.

In the interest of being a pretty laid back mom,  who fights against my extremely conservative upbringing, I have tried to adopt a more moderate view of the world and it’s evils.  With my girls, I am trying a more balanced approach, believing that they should not be sheltered constantly from American culture, taught to fear and judge and overreact to everything they see…

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