“To Be Resolved.”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Be Resolved.”

I have not lost weight.  I have not written a book.  I have written and published two articles of a magazine, however, which was something I meant to do, but not sure I should count it because it is a product of my regular employer’s, and I didn’t get paid any extra for doing it…but the experience was great and I have something new to show on my resume.  So, we’ll give half points for that.

I have not yet finished the last couple of classes I need for my degree.  I do, however have a plan for next year.  So, not so bad, but still no dice.

I have essentially failed on most of my resolutions.  Still, I’m up for making them.  I did read a few great books on goal setting, and when I get time, I’ll definitely try their suggestions.  Perhaps I need to make easier resolutions.  Like–I resolve to get the pantry cupboards organized this year.  I resolve to come up with new container garden plans for this summer.  I resolve to read a fictional book each month for the fun of it.

There, how about that for my new year’s resolutions?  I’ll let you know next year.


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