Turning to the Matrix for my hero(ine)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.

I don’t have any real life heroes, so the question, “Who is your hero?” instantly awakens my inner editor.  I’m supposed to have some awesome intellectual answer, aren’t I?  Some historical character like Ghandi, who I hope to be like someday?  Perhaps a religious character?  Some avant garde, hardly known artist or writer?  Nope.  None of the above.  Also, not a family member, not a friend, nothing really sweet.  There are so many people I find admirable, but I don’t consider them my heroes.  There is no person I can think of withs “saves the day” quality that comes to mind right off the bat for me.

This question is akin to “What do you want for Christmas,” for me.  This is also an inner editor question.  When I’m asked this, my mind always draws a blank.  I end up over analyzing the question, and then can’t think of a thing, even though what I’d really like is –whoops!  Inner editor just stepped in and deleted a rather long and self-indulgent list of goodies.  I’m a happy person without all that.

But, back to the hero question– in the realm of fantasy, I like Trinity from the Matrix series.  She is awesome.  She’s smart, sexyTrinity, athletic, adventurous, would risk her life for the people she loves, unstoppable, mission oriented.  She is so cool.  I should ask myself more often, “What would Trinity do?”  when I’m in a jam.

I’m a middle-aged mom, so maybe it seems kind of odd that I would find someone like Trinity to have the qualities I  would emulate, but that’s what heroes, or in this case, heroines are like.  Larger than life.  So what if I would imagine myself dressed in skin-tight leather, leaping through windows of buildings and acrobat-ting my way down stairs, missing certain death in the time it takes to grab a ringing phone receiver, pulling a gun on the Merovingian to save the life of my true love…

It’s a heck of a lot more exciting than sitting at my desk, writing local news; but looking deeper, perhaps it makes more sense than I think.    Let me tell you, if I was ever tapped to choose between the red or the blue, I’d definitely take a trip down the rabbit hole.  Finding the truth–that’s what I do love about my job.  Reporting, writing editorials and columns –it makes me feel awesome at the end of the day.   Maybe not as awesome as Trinity, but in real life, it’s pretty good.


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