Keeping the barn kitties warm

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Warmth.”

Tonight, the weather report says windchill will turn our ten degrees into the equivalent of 20 below zero.  While the dogs, the domestic cats and I will be okay, provided the furnace doesn’t decide to go kaput for some unknown reason, our barn kitties I worry about.

We found them a couple of months ago in the rafters of our shed. We went looking for them when we didn’t see their mom for a few days.  We found them, and sheltered the little poof-balls inside for a couple of days in a separate room during a similarly cold snap.

But now, they are bigger, and have been staying in a shed room for the past few months, growing and getting more curious.  We’ve outfitted the room with places to hide, places to curl up, food and water, and an incandescent light.  Today, we put a heating pad between some towels in one of their little hidey-holes.

But one got out when the door was open, so we can’t close the door all the way yet.  I hope when I get home, I find he’s gone back in his room and I can close the door to keep the cold further at bay.  If they can get through the next couple of months, I think they’ll be okay.  But they’ll likely always be somewhat dependent on us, as they have no mom to show them the kitty ropes, and we’re pretty poor substitutes.  But, they are wild.  And we can’t loose sight of that.

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