Life as a cat

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

For the next year, I think I’d enjoy being my cat, Smokey.  He’s a ten year old gray short hair, and he pretty much rules the roost.  He prompts us when to wake up, he orders us to let him in and let him out of the house multiple times a day, drinks fresh water whenever one of us goes to the bathroom, and is persistent about keeping his bowl filled with food, despite his ability to catch birds and mice.

He has lovely hair, and it’s no trouble whatsoever to take care of.  His look is effortlessly classic.  He spends a good portion of the day napping on my bed–probably spends more time there than I do.

During the day, I imagine he has many adventures.  When he’s inside, he likely taunts the dogs with his ability to go where they can’t, looking down his nose at them until they finally get bored and circle about, falling to the floor.  Cat’s have much longer attention spans than dogs, so he uses that to his advantage.

If he’s outside, he can explore under the porch, under the sheds, up in the rafters, and in and around the barn.  The world from his height is much larger.  I imagine he knows more about where the wildlife on our property lives than I will ever know.  And I’m sure he takes great pleasure in lording it over the dogs his ability to come and go around the place without hindrances.  He probably makes a point of lounging on the other side of the fence to their dog yard, where the two imps spend their days when its nice outside.

He’s pretty street smart, and those skills have translated to the country in critical ways.  He is weary of wildlife, and knows the best places to hide from the occasional coyote that makes his way in off the fields surrounding us.

Over the next year, he will have a few companions in his outdoor territory he’s going to need to learn to get along with.  The two barn kittens are curious, and more wild than him.  He will likely intimidate them with his size, and his masculinity.  I’m sure he’ll put them in their places, especially since he has indoor privileges.

The best part of being Smokey for a year, however, would be the petting.  That cat never lacks of someone to scratch his back, caress his neck, massage his hips.


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